Carmen Chan Jewelry is a fashion jewelry brand wheresophisticationmeets over-the-top creativity. Handcrafted with unconventional mix of quality materials such as natural stones, feathers,Swarovski crystal, sterling silver, 18K gold plate etc, Carmen Chan Jewelry is an explicit showcase of emotion and passion that creates your own sense of identity and style.Founded in Hong Kong, Carmen Chan Jewelry defines her own position as a self-indulge couture jewelry that stands out from the mainstream jewelry & accessories and unleashes the wearers’ young hearts, wildness and passion for a dreamland.

Carmen Chan’s Jewellery are also available for customisation. We at EDIT have already made ‘EDIT’ necklaces each! They make a great present for your loved ones or a little something for yourself. Rings and Necklaces are available for customisation and comes in both Silver and Gold.