Inspired by the adventures we’ve encountered and the people we’ve met, EDIT is a space where our dreams are fulfilled and where our individual passions are realised. Like editors of our own lives, we write our own stories and adventures in hopes of making our dreams come true.

From our travels to places near and far, we bring you an edit of the things we love. Through fashion and style, we bring you an edit of established and emerging designer brands, vintage pieces, and carefully hand-picked items from international markets & bazaars. EDIT is our way of inviting you to travel with us, and to get a share of the treasures we find along the way.

At EDIT, we believe that we are all editors of our own lives. Writing out our own story in each new chapter, deleting/refusing things we do not like; like using a thesaurus, we replace ‘not-very-great-decisions’ with better ones; and like using a dictionary, we learn new lessons in life.


啟發自多年來的所見所聞, 我們在EDIT寫下自己的故事,努力去實現對時裝的夢想與熱誠。


EDIT相信每一個人也可以寫下屬於自己的故事, 若然在旅途上增添了經歷, 不忘為自己EDIT, 一點一滴地寫出讓自己無悔而驕傲的故事